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At the bakery ~ Στον φούρνο (dialogue)

Hello! Today’s post  will help you to feel more confident when you order all these delicious goodies that can be found in a greek bakery! Below you will find: a dialogue with an english translation right next to it, a grammar explanation for the indefinite articles, a flashcards set with all the necessary words and…… Continue reading At the bakery ~ Στον φούρνο (dialogue)

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Στο ταξί – In the taxi

It’s summer, around 2.00pm  the sun is burning and the temperature doesn’t go below 38°C..  In this case the taxi is definitely the best option if you wish to arrive to your destination soon without getting sunburned! Below you’ll find some useful words and phrases.   /th/ depicts the greek letter θ, which sounds like the “th” in the…… Continue reading Στο ταξί – In the taxi

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Aσκήσεις στον Αόριστο ~ Exercises in Simple Past

Καλημέρα σας! Below you will find some sentences in Present that you can turn in Simple Past in order to practice with the formation of the verbs. Scroll down in order to check the answers. Example: – Κάθε πρωί πηγαίνω στον σούπερ μάρκετ.  Χθες πήγα στο σούπερ μάρκετ.  Κάθε Σάββατο αγοράζω εφημερίδα από το περίπτερο.…… Continue reading Aσκήσεις στον Αόριστο ~ Exercises in Simple Past

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To ρήμα “γνωρίζω” / Τhe verb “γνωρίζω”

Γεια σας! Today we’ll see the verb “γνωρίζω” (γνωρίζω – γνώρισα – θα/να γνωρίσω) and how we use it in Greek. In order to remember its meaning you can associate it with two images… a brain use #1: γνωρίζω means to know something, to be aware of something (greek synonym: ξέρω) Γνωρίζω αυτόν τον συγγραφέα. ~…… Continue reading To ρήμα “γνωρίζω” / Τhe verb “γνωρίζω”

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Write in greek correctly (activities) 📝

Γεια σας! In this post you can find some activities in order to practice your spelling skills. Scroll down for the answers and.. do not cheat! 😉 👉 Before starting completing the exercises, you can first have a look at a previous post including some basic, spelling rules. Click here in order to be directed…… Continue reading Write in greek correctly (activities) 📝

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Easy tips in order to write in greek correctly

Writing in greek is not an easy thing. There are so many letters which represent the  /i/, /e/, /o/ sounds in written speech and it can be really hard to remember which one is the correct each time.  However, apart from the fact that words with the same etymology share the same spelling [e.g το…… Continue reading Easy tips in order to write in greek correctly

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Adjectives in greek [-ος, -η / -α, – ο] (table + quiz)

Adjectives are undoubtedly a difficult part of the greek language, since the declination of an adjective may differ from the declination of the noun that follows. What we need to have in mind when we want to combine an adjective with a noun is the exact declination of each one based on its gender. Have…… Continue reading Adjectives in greek [-ος, -η / -α, – ο] (table + quiz)